Let's Snuggle

Twelve rooms, 66 beds, and plenty of play space provides explorers with options for drifting between dreams and living them out. Our space is communal and comforting, built to foster shared and direct experience in a growingly isolating world.  A place where warm friends and cold bedsheets tangle.


Accessible. Flamboyant. Human through-and-through.

Like generations past, we all gather around food and fun. Late night eats, pre-party treats, and the occasional buttermilk biscuit will bind us.

Four-Bed and Six-Bed Rooms

4-bed and 6-bed dorms offer over-sized single beds tucked into hand-crafted bunks. Each bed has a privacy curtain, with lamp and plug inside. A shower, toilet closet, and vanity with brass fixtures and black mountain marble countertops. Locked storage is also provided for each guest.

Six-Bed Loft Suite

Four Lofts offer 4 single beds, bunked, and one King bed. Each bed has a privacy curtain, with a wall-mounted lamp and plug. A shower, toilet closet, and vanity with brass fixtures. Locked storage provided for each guest. Perfect for groups and larger parties

Private King Suite

For those more private nights, two king suites including king bed, private bath.  Perfect for couples and ballers.

Romper Room

Sleeps 8. Parties 40. A space limited solely by our imaginations, the Romper Room is a place for free play and privacy. Two full baths, eight bunks, and a full mahogany bar amongst a communal space all your own. Ready for those rockstar nights.